Aceticum Acidum

Aceticum Acidum

This drug produces a condition of profound anemia, with some dropsical symptoms, great debility, frequent fainting, dyspnoea, weak heart, vomiting, profuse urination, and sweat. Hemorrhage from any part. Especially indicated in pale, lean persons, with lax, flabby muscles. Wasting and debility. Acetic acid has the power to liquefy albuminous and fibrinous deposits. Epithelial cancer, internally and locally (W Owens). Sycosis with nodules and formations in the joints. Hard chancre. The 1x solution will soften and cause the formation of pus.

Mind: Irritable, worried about business affairs.

Head: Nervous headache, from abuse of narcotics. Blood rushes to head with delirium. Temporal vessels distended. Pain across the root of the tongue.

Face: Pale, waxen, emaciated. Eyes sunken, surrounded by dark rings. Bright red. Sweaty. Epithelioma of lip. Cheeks hot and flushed. Aching in left jaw-point.

Stomach: Salivation. Fermentation in the stomach. Intense burning thirst. Cold drinks distress. Vomits after every kind of food. Epigastric tenderness. Burning pain as of an ulcer. Cancer of the stomach. Sour belching and vomiting. Burning waterbrash and profuse salivation. Hyperchlorhydria and gastralgia. Violent burning pain in the stomach and chest, followed by coldness of the skin and cold sweat on forehead. Stomach feels as if she had taken a lot of vinegar.

Abdomen: Feels as if the abdomen was sinking in. Frequent watery stools, worse in the morning. Tympanitic. Ascites. Hemorrhage from bowels.

Urine: Large quantities of pale urine. Diabetes, with great thirst and debility (Phos ac).

Female: Excessive catamenia. Hemorrhages after labor. Nausea of pregnancy. Breasts painfully enlarged, distended with milk. Milk impoverished, bluish, transparent, sour. Anaemia of nursing mothers.

Respiratory: Hoarse, hissing respiration; difficult breathing; cough when inhaling. Membranous croup. Irritation of trachea and bronchial tubes. The false membrane in the throat. Profuse bronchorrhoea. Putrid sore throat (gargle).

Back: Pain in back, relieved only by lying on abdomen.

Extremities: Emaciation. Å’dema of feet and legs.

Skin: Pale, waxen, oedematous. Burning, dry, hot skin, or bathed in profuse sweat. Diminished sensibility of the surface of body. Useful after stings, bites, etc. Varicose swellings. Scurvy; anasarca. Bruises; sprains.

Fever: Hectic, with drenching night-sweats. Red spot on left cheek. No thirst in fever. Ebullitions. Sweat profuse, cold.


Ammon acet (Profuse saccharine urine, patient is bathed in sweat).


Acetic acid is antidotal to all anaesthetic vapors. Counteracts sausage poisoning


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