Whenever the symptoms that are representative of the patient himself have been suppressed in any case of syphilis, and nothing remains but weakness and a few results of the storm that has long ago or recently passed, this nosode will cause reaction and restore order and sometimes do much curing, and the symptoms that must always be present, that represent the disordered state of the economy will appear to guide to a restoration of health.

When a syphilitic patient has suffered from a course of typhoid he may be very slow in convalescing, but a single dose of Syphilinum high will cause him to eat and feel stronger and gain rapidly.

How does the old school treatment of syphilis differ from barbarism? one might well ask. The strong drugging by Mercurius and iodides so debilitate that all who pass through are invalids and weak; even then they are not cured of syphilis – if they were cured we could not cause to come back the symptoms that have been removed.

Syphilinum often does bring back the ulcers in the throat and the eruptions. When there are violent neuralgias of the head, in sides of head and over the eyes, great soreness in bones of legs and head, and the multitude of symptoms of nerve syphilis all nondescript, then it is that the patient will be made free from suffering, and given sleep, strength and appetite.

But the ulcers and eruptions will come back in some cases, and it is all the better if they do. It is by no means limited to patients who have had syphilis. It can be used like any remedy against the symptoms of the provings, or such as are similar to symptoms common to the disease or against the symptoms like the numerous verified clinical symptoms.

Many symptoms are worse at night in bed, many come on in the evening and last till morning. From sundown to sunrise marks the time of many violent pains and sufferings. Some are better from heat, and some are better from cold air and cold applications, There is great prostration in the morning on waking. It has cured many cases of epilepsy. Epileptic convulsions after -menses. Sleeplessnesssometimes only one-half of the night, again the whole night. The blood feels hot flowing through the arteries during the night.

Wandering pains here and there all over the body. Pain in the periosteum, nerves and joints. Pains sometimes increase gradually and decrease gradually. Sharp pains here and there. Complaints worse in the cold weather of winter and heat of summer. Extreme emaciation. Abscesses. Paralysis of limbs. Caries of bone. Curvature of spine. Gummata. Dwarfish childrenCurvature of bones. Enlarged glands. Offensive odor of the body. Soreness to touch in many parts, especially bones. It has often been observed that in syphilized invalids remedies act but a few days and must be changed.

This always calls for the nosode, when there is only great weakness and few symptoms it will act well.

When there is ulceration of legs, throat, mouth or other parts with no repair. Fistulous openings, exostoses, fissures, tubercles and warts have been cured promptly. When it has been used against the primary manifestations of the disease and in the earlier phenomena it has generally resulted in failure. It is seldom the best remedy for syphilis per sebut for marked and suppressed syphilis it seems to restore a sort of order and bring better reaction.

The author has many times observed that gummata in throat and anus will take on destructive ulceration in old broken down cases after Sulphur has been given, and that Syphilinum will restrain it and establish repair.

Sulphur often produces prolonged aggravation when there are many tissue changes in advanced cases of syphilis. Such changes are most likely gummata. The effort of Sulphur is to remove the results of disease, which the patient cannot stand. It often causes suspicion of latent syphilis when such aggravations are very severe after Sulphur high. Sulphur low will not be followed by such results. After such prolonged aggravations Syphilinum should be considered. Latent syphilis often exists where it is least expected. This nosode should be used only in high potencies.

Mind: Forgetful. Weak minded. Laughing and weeping without cause.

He cannot remember faces, names, dates, events, books or places. He cannot calculate. Despair of recovery. Melancholia. Fears he is going insane. ImbecilityIndifferent to his friends, and feels no delight in anything.

Dreads the night and dreads the morning, as the weakness and soreness are worse on waking. He always says he is not himself and he cannot feel like himself. A middle-aged man who had suffered many years from latent syphilis abandoned his business and remained at home lamenting and sad. His wife supported the family by keeping boarders.

After receiving a few doses of Syphilinum he took on new energy and became industrious and prosperous. Much vertigo. Aphasia. In some of these cases of brain syphilis. Sulphur and Causticum have caused prolonged suffering and weakness. Syphilinum will act favorably.

Head: Syphilitic invalids are often sufferers from violent neuralgic headaches.

Violent pains in sides of head, forehead or temples. Pain from temple to temple, from ear to ear, one eye to occiput; supraorbital pains. Pain sometimes ameliorated by warmth. Bursting pains; fullness of head.

Maddening pains all night, causing sleeplessness. Headache and delirium. Neuralgia of head beginning at 4 P- M., growing gradually worse until midnight and then gradually better, ceasing at daylight. Great soreness of the pericranium. Many pains are confined to a direct line and are called linear headachesViolent crushing pains in occiput. Stupefying headaches in the forehead or occiput. Cutting pains in occiput.

Headache through the temples, hence vertically, like an inverted letter T. Headaches involving the whole top of the head as if head would be crushed in. Violent pain in whole head with red face, enlarged veins of face, restlessness and sleepless nights. Aggravated nights. Tubercles all. over the scalp. Exostoses in the cranium, very sore and painful. The hair is falling out.

Eyes: Paralysis of the eye muscles is common.

Strabismus. Diplopia. Amaurosis. Atrophy of the optic nerve. The retina is pale, gray and spotted. Myopia. Iritis. Ptosis. Paralysis of the superior oblique. Chronic recurrent phlyctenular inflammation of the cornea.

Conjunctivities with ulceration. Ulceration of the cornea. Interstitial keratitis. Spots on the cornea. Left eye covered with fungus-like growth, pain intense; aggravated at night. Acute ophthalmia neonatorum when one of the parents has had syphilis. Copious purulent discharge from eyes. Lids enormously swollen. Eyes cannot be opened because of swelling. Iritis with intense pain at night, and photophobia. Pain in eye from sundown to sunrise. Scalding tears.

Ears and nose: Sharp pains in ear.

Purulent watery discharge from ear. Caries of mastoid. Paralysis of auditory nerve. Calcareous deposit on tympanum.

This remedy has cured many cases of offensive green or yellow discharge from nose in children with specific history. Dryness of nose; obstructed at night. Frequent attacks of coryza. Always taking cold in nose. Syphilitic ozaena. Bones of nose destroyed by caries and nose depressed. The whole nose destroyed by ulceration. Epistaxis from ulcers. Hard plugs in nose.

Face: Neuralgia of face.

Paralysis of one side of face. Tubercles and copper-colored eruption on face. It has palliated cancerous ulceration of face. Scabby eruption on face. It has cured rupia on the cheek. Papules and pustules.

The lips are fissured and ulcerated. Ulcers on chin, lips, and wing of nose. Wing and side of nose eaten away by an ulcer. It has cured many cases of lupus of face.

The teeth are deformed, distorted, spotted; decay early; cup shaped in children. Violent pain in teeth, Crawling in the roots of the teeth, like a worm.

Mouth and tongue ulcerated. Breath foetid. Tongue soft, spongy, easily indented in persons who have long taken MercuryParalysis of tongue, one-sided. Tongue red, excoriated, cracked and sore. Patches on tongue. Denuded patches. Red spots. Copious viscid saliva in mouth. Ulceration of soft palate. Caries of hard palate. Soft palate entirely destroyed. Bleeding from ulcers.

Throat studded with ulcers. Inflammation of throat and tonsils. Soft palate swollen and nodular. Post nasal catarrh and ulceration. Posterior nares plugged with crusts. The appetite is perverted. Longing for strong drink. Thirst.

Aversion to food, to meat. No desire to eat. All food disagrees. Flatulence. Heartburn; nausea; vomiting. Ulceration of stomach.

Rectum and genitals: The rectum is the-seat of many symptoms and conditions.

Ulceration, fissures, piles; nodules, gummata, copious bleeding; cutting, burning pains. Condylomata. Constipation. Paralysis of rectum; prolapsus of anus. Relaxed protruding rectum.

This nosode has cured nodular formations in testes, spermatic cord and scrotum. It has cured herpetic eruptions on prepuce and scrotum. Induration of testes and spermatic cord.

Nodular formations in vagina and labia. Ulceration of os uteri, Induration of cervix uteri. Copious yellow-green leucorrhoea. Leucorrhoea in little girls, of specific history, acrid water, leucorrhoea aggravated nights from warmth of bed.

Pain in ovaries during the night. Itching in the vulva. Sharp pains in uterus. Cystic ovaries. Ovarian tumor. Cutting pain in ovary during coition at moment of orgasm. Uterine and ovarian complaints when there is a specific history.

Larynx and chest: Ulceration of larynx and loss of voice.

Aphonia before menses. Continuous sharp pain in larynx from evening to sunrise every night compelling him to walk the floor all night cured by Syphilinum very high, one dose.

Asthma in warm damp weather during night. Dyspnoea. Attacks of spasmodic bronchial asthma for twenty-five years; at night in bed ot during a thunderstorm, preventing sleep for many nights. Dyspnoea from to 4 A.M.

Cough at night. Dry rasping cough during the night. Rawness in chest. Thick purulent expectoration. Dry cough from lying on right side. Mucopurulent expectoration, grayish, greenish, greenish-yellow, tasteless. Clear white mucous expectoration. Rattling in the chest. Pain and pressure behind the sternum. Eruptions on the chest.

Spine and limbs: Rheumatic stiffness and lameness in back.

Aching in whole spine. Pain in region of kidneys, aggravated after urinating. Pain in sacrum, aggravated while sitting. Caries of cervical and dorsal vertebra. Enlarged glands of neck. It has cured indurated cervical glands. Pain in back, hip and thighs during the night. it has cured Hodgkin’s disease.

Inflammation of joints. Rheumatism, muscles are caked in bard knots or lumps. Pain in limbs ameliorated by heat, aggravated from sunset to sunrise. Stiffness of all the joints. Rheumatic pains and swelling of joints of upper limbs. Rheumatism of deltoid, painful on raising the aim. Pains in arms on motion. Ulcers on back of hands.

Nightly pain and swelling in legs. Pains. in lower, extremities, preventing sleep, aggravated from hot applications, ameliorated by pouring cold water on them. Weakness in knees and hips.

Severe bone aches in legs at night in bed. Pain in back of feet and toes at night in bed. Pains often aggravated in warm bed at night. Pains drive him out of bed at night. Tearing in hip and thigh, aggravated during night, ameliorated at day-break, ameliorated by walking, not affected by weather (improved by Syph.), Ulcers on the legs.

Large crusts on the legs. Tubercles on the lower limbs. Tension of the tendons of the legs and soles. The extremes of cold and heat often bring out the symptoms of these old sufferers. Neuralgia of limbs gradually, increasing, aggravated as the night goes on. Extreme sensitiveness of the tibia.

There are fevers, chilliness, but the night sweats and great weakness are striking.

The eruptions are numerous, but may be studied better by consulting the numerous works on syphilis, as this is not a study of the disease, but the nosode.

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Samuel Hahnemann: The founder of homoeopathy, Hahnemann wrote extensively about the use of highly diluted substances in treating illness. He is best known for his work “Organon of the Medical Art,” which outlines the principles of homoeopathy.

James Tyler Kent: Kent was an American homoeopathic physician who is known for his contributions to homoeopathic materia medica. He wrote “Repertory of the Homeopathic Materia Medica,” which is still widely used today.

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