Capsicum annuum

Capsicum annuum



Mind.– Dullness of all senses. Awkwardness. Exceedingly changeable moods. Self will. Reproachful. Timidity. Inclination to be jocular and given to witticism. Homesickness, with red cheeks and sleepiness. Capricious, takes things in bad part.


Sensorium.– Intoxication and reeling, especially during the chilly stage, and on awaking in the morning.


Head.– Throbbing ache in forehead or temples. Hysterical migraine., attacks of unilateral pressive headache, with qualmishness ending in vomiting Tearing head pains, mostly in forehead. Bursting headache during motion. Worse: Evening: moving head or eyes, cold, walking, stooping. Better: Continuous gentle motion in open air, warmth, lying with head high.


Eyes.– Dilated pupils. Dim vision. Progressive paralysis of the optic nerve.


Ears.– Swelling behind. Diminution of hearing.


Nose.– Nose – bleed, early in the morning in bed. Diminished sense of smell. Stuffed coryza with crawling in.


Face.– Hot, red, often alternating with paleness. Forthergill’s prosopalgia, a benumbing pressure on zygoma, excited and worse by touch. Swollen, cracked lips.


Mouth.– Aphthae. Burning vesicles in. Bad odor from. Sore throat when not swallowing. Spasmodic constriction for throat.


Stomach.– Burning in, after eating. Swelling of pit.


Abdomen.– Distension of, with pressive, tensive pain, which takes his breath. Flatulent colic.


Appetite: Immoderately ravenous hunger alternating with aversion to food. Thirstless.


Taste: Sour. Heartburn.


Nausea: Coming from stomach.


Stool.– Of bloody mucus, with tenesmus. Nightly diarrhoea with burning in anus. Dysenteric.


Anus.– Moist hemorrhoids with burning.


Urine.– Urging of urinate with tenesmus of neck of bladder. Discharge of blood from urethra. Burning urination.


Sexual Organs.– Purulent urethral gonorrhoea. Cold scrotum, with impotency.


Respiration.– Tight, as from fullness of chest. Tightness of chest, which seems to come from stomach. Involuntary forcible expirations. Inclination to take a deep breath. Bad smelling breath when coughing.


Cough.– Violent, dry, with concomitant symptoms and pains in other parts, especially in ears and throat, in evening and at night.


Back.– Tearing pain in.


Lower Extremities.– Pain in thigh.


Generalities.– Cracking and squeaking in joints. Stiffness and painfulness of all joints when beginning to walk. Averse to all motion. Very sensitive to cool air, especially to drafts. Persons of relaxed fibre and phlegmatic temperament. Many symptoms are worse after eating and drinking, reach their greatest intensity at the beginning of, and are better during continued motion. Lazy, fat and unclean.


Sleep.– Sleepless after midnight.


Fever.– Pulse: Very irregular, often intermittent. Chill: Predominates, almost always with violent thirst. With shuddering, after every drink. With heat of face. In cold air, especially in drafts. Evening chill. Diminution of natural bodily heat. Feeling of a cold sweat on thighs. Heat: With coexistent sweat and thirst. Internal, with cold sweat on forehead. Heat and sweat first, then chill with shuddering and chattering teeth. Sweat: Accompanies the heat. After the chill, without previous heat.


Relationship.– Allied Remedies: Arn., CALAD., Cham., Chin., CINA, Ign., Merc., Nux-v., Puls.

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