(Hiccough, singulatus)
(A sudden involuntary contraction of the diaphragm that closes the glottis at the moment of
breathing, producing a sharp quick characteristic sound repeatedly)
1) Mag Phos 3x: Hiccup is wholly due to deficiency of the inorganic salt magnesia
phosphate in the muscular fibers of the affected tissue. It is the Principal Bio-chemic remedy
in obstinate hiccup, for the spasmodic and convulsive symptoms, causing long lasting
soreness. For quicker relief, half a teaspoonful is dissolved in a glass of hot water and
stirred often and a sip is taken after every 5 minutes five times.
2) Natrum Mur 6x: It is good for use after abuse of quinine or in consequence thereof. It may
be taken in such a case every one hour, 3 or 4 doses. It is also good for herpes about anus.
3) Calcarea Fluor 6x, every 2 hours for 2/3 days: It is useful in hiccough from hawking of
mucus, which weakens and recurs during the day


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